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Captain's Log:

2015-12-09: Removed "closed" message from headers so the normal ones will once again display.

2015-11-19: Cleaned up numerous broken links and other issues which had resulted from little or no maintenence and two server changes.

2013-10-03: Improved the Archive page to include large thumbnails of each event instead of just text links.

2013-09-24: Added social media links to top of main menu, and Reddit link to Networking page. Finished restoring the Rock & Christian Metal Show page.

2013-09-22: Created a Reddit account for The Café & linked Alternative Art Show page on Reddit's Lake City page. Also swapped the 'Archive' button in the main menu for the 'Vault' icon.

2013-09-18: Replaced slow-loading slideshow on Vibe page with a 'Featured Video' over a television graphic background image so it appears the video is on the tv.

2013-09-17: Just finished the new "café illusion" curtains and black background to add more contrast & color. Leave a comment in the Guestbook and tell me what you think! (Heck, I'd get a kick out of just knowing that somebody reads my page!) --C

2013-09-15: Added a blog page to the site so the Ostrander family can share their thoughts with everyone. Also fixed a few minor issues; footer of guestbook page was not updated properly & had some bad links. Other misc stuff.

2013-09-10: Changed a few images around, added to the ARCHIVE page, copied the Google map to the HOME page.

2013-08-07: Added GreeNoodle page and links on main menu of each page. Punched up a few more visual details and fixed a bit of errant code.

2013-08-06: How quickly the time passes! Did a few tweaks today just to get back into the swing of things. Put a cutout from a cool picture of Larry on the home page. A few days ago I added the hours at the top of each page, added line breaks to the top & bottom, and shortened/neatened the menu layout. Will probably putter around a bit more then call it a night!

2013-03-13: Deleted all content from archive page and from The Café YouTube account until all cover performances of copyrighted music can be edited out. This was in response to the American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (ASCAP) sending Larry an email stating that The Café isn't allowed to let bands to do covers of copyrighted music unless they pay ASCAP a yearly fee.

2013-03-01: I misplaced the Java folder for the home page image slideshow, so that's why it wasn't working today. I took the opportunity to define the width of the table it's in so at least if it happens again, the right-side text will align properly. Going up to The Café now to hear Mike & the Tornadoes!

2013-02-26: Added a few "easter eggs" for anyone who's bored. Nothing too hard to find, just a few details that will hopefully make you smile. Cleaned up the FAQ page & developed some text styling to add visual interest. Worked out a better font justification for the Menu page & created a printable menu.

2013-02-25: Added Google Analytics to all pages. Created several graphic 'call-to-action' buttons.

2013-02-24: Today I added this 'blog' section to the webmaster page so I can keep track of new developments and changes to the website. As you may have noticed, I've been upgrading the graphic content a bit lately to make the site more dynamic and interesting. The animations and slideshows are all non-flash, so they should play on any device.

2013-02-23: We've been having some issues with spam robots adding links to the automatic link exchange on the Friends page. I have removed the offensive links, and have banned several websites, but I doubt it's going to be a long-term solution. However, I assure you that spammers will be back-traced and reported to the Cyber Police.

2013-02-12: Cleaned up some of the rotating header images. If you want to see a different one, just hit your F5 key to refresh the page. One of my favorites is the water tower, which has a very subtle animation.

2012-12-01: Hello everyone, Webmaster Chris here. I really hope you enjoy the site I built and maintain for The Café. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you find spelling errors, broken links, or anything on the website that doesn't work properly. I also welcome your suggestions if you think of something that would be cool to add or change.

Webmaster Chris, at your service! Click my picture to visit my personal page.