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The Café Vibe

By now you've probably read about who we are on the About page, but what do we do? What's this place all about? What's the experience like?

Well, in all honesty it's kind of hard to explain. But perhaps The Café would be best described as a bar for people who don't like bars; a social club for intelligent, creative people who seek culture, variety, and intellectual stimulation.
But how can we make you feel welcome here? What words do we use to assure you that you can walk right through our doors and feel like you belong? We submit the following: Peace, Love, & Happiness.

It's more than just a motto, it's a way of life. The Café offers a safe harbor amidst the raging storms of a tempestuous world. A friendly community of open-minded, unique individuals.

We invite anyone and everyone to drop by and play our newly-tuned piano, or any of our other house instruments!We want to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Our goal is to offer as much variety as possible so that on any given day there is something new to learn, hear, see, do, taste, and experience at our little café here in downtown Lake City, Florida. Come play our newly-tuned piano, our guitars, our glockenspiel, or any of our other house instruments. Bring friends and have an impromptu jam session. Use our stage for poetry, comedy, spoken word, or anything you like! Watch our calendar for Oral Night, and be amazed at the hidden talents you'll discover!

We want to give you the opportunity to meet people from different races and cultures, and we want them to meet you! We want to cultivate a renaissance of culture and love in our community, and give people a place to express themselves without reservation. Join our email list to be notified of upcoming events! You can unsubscribe at any time, and we won't share your info or spam you -- that would be very un-Café!

Does any of this sound interesting? Are you intrigued? This is the real deal, not hype. We're committed to making this happen. We've laid the groundwork, and we invite you to come fill in the colors and textures. After all, this place is more than just bricks and mortar... it's the people who come here. Just like back in the MSc days, we want you to bring your ideas and creativity and be a part of something great.

Memories abound at 281 North Marion Avenue. This hand-painted sign is a relic from the MSc days, and proudly occupies a space on our shelf.One of the greatest things about the Marion Street Café was the sense of community - that we were all contributing members to something incredibly special... something unique... something so unlikely that it should have never even existed here... yet it not only existed, but thrived! You painted, performed, expressed, and created. You believed in the spiritual, metaphysical magic of this place, and in so doing created a living, nurturing, home-away-from-home.

We have original art by local artists on display and for sale in our downtown Lake City, FL coffeehouse! Ask about displaying your art in our downtown gallery!Please don't be confused by these reminiscent sentiments. We're not trying to relive the past, or imitate something that is now gone. The Café represents a totally new beginning. We want this business to evolve from the great beginnings of the MSc into a new entity which offers its own unique experience. Don't think of it as a restoration, but rather an homage. Surely great new things can be built on a solid foundation.