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2013-09-28: One Year Anniversary Party Featuring Selador, Tyler Flanagan, & Thieves in Exile.
2013-09-20: Alternative Art Show featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, and other works by local artists, many of whom reside in Lake City, Florida. Also the first night two people brought radio controlled helicopters in for some indoor flight.
2013-09-20: Oral Arts Thursday featuring professional dancer David Nava doing a dance improvisation!
2013-08-24: Leo Party with Multiple bands, including Thieves In Exile, Selador, Knock For Six, All In, Timmy B, and many more!
2013-08-02: First Friday with a very special Happy Birthday to Ms. Lisa!
2013-03-28: Oral Night featuring Poetry, music, & more with the usual suspects: Black Kenny, Doug, Tyler, Daddy-O, James, Alex, and others.
2013-03-02: All-In, Selador, Thieves in Exile with some help from Kyle, Jesse, & Aron doing some soulful acoustic / vocal / harmonica sets between bands. Selador brought some great original tones, All-In rocked it, and of course Joel, Rob, & Tyler cut loose with some classic jams.
2013-02-16: Pinemount Kings, Shallow Addiction, Captain Clockwork, Dire - We don't have pics of Captain Clockwork (sorry Dan & Kelly!) or Dire, but we did capture some pics, vids, and audio of Pinemount Kings and Shallow Addiction, plus some general good times audio after the shows.
2013-02-15: Open Jam with Tyler, Rob, & a drummer jammed on some original grooves. Chris played a little blues but left most of the heavy lifting to the pros!