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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find answers to commonly asked or anticipated questions.

Q: Who owns The Café ?

A: The Café is owned by Larry, Tammy, & Robert Ostrander, and Jeff Childress.

Q: Where is The Café located ?

A: The Café is located on the corner of Marion Ave & Hamilton St in Historic Downtown.

Q: What hours is The Café open for business ?

A: Our business hours are posted at the upper left side of every page, right under the header. A: This business is permanently closed as of October 31, 2013.

Q: How long has The Café been open ?

A: The Café had its Grand Opening on October 1st, 2012.

Q: How do I book my band or get my artwork displayed at The Café ?

A: The Café would love to showcase your talent! Please contact us for info.

Q: Can my band play covers of copyrighted music at The Café ?

A: The ASCAP has notified The Café that performances of copyrighted music are not allowed.

Q: Is there a dress code or suggested attire for The Café ?

A: The Café has no dress code, unless otherwise specified for special events.

Q: What kinds of people hang out at The Café ?

A: The Café clientele includes all kinds of artistic, intelligent, creative, & open-minded people.

Q: I drove by The Café and it didn't seem like my kind of crowd. What's up with that ?

A: The Café strives to offer a wide variety of entertainment, so check our calendar for events.

Q: I went to The Café one night & it was dead... what does this mean ?

A: It simply means The Café is not for everybody. You are awesome.

Q: Is The Café similar to The Lion's Den that was there before ?

A: No. The Café is a completely new business with totally different ownership.

Q: Is The Café going to host drag shows like the Lion's Den used to ?

A: The Café does not have any plans to do so at this time.

Q: Is The Café a gay bar ?

A: Not per se, but The Café warmly welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Q: Is The Café similar to the Marion Street Café that used to be there ?

A: The Café offers a lot of what was great about the MSc, with some new ideas as well.

Q: Does The Café serve alcohol ?

A: The Café menu features a variety of unique beers and wines.

Q: What kinds of food do you serve ?

A: The Café serves soups, salads, sandwiches, & more. Please see our menu page.

Q: Where can I find information about your Food Handler Certification ?

A: Larry Ostrander is the Certified Food Safety Manager for The Café.

Q: Does The Café offer delivery ?

A: The Café is happy to offer delivery to downtown businesses for orders of $25 or more.

Q: Where can I find nutrition and other info about GreeNoodles ?

A: Nutrition, flavors, pricing, and other info is available on our GreeNoodle page.

Q: Do I have to buy something to access the internet at The Café ?

A: The Café offers free wireless internet access to its customers.

Q: Does every single answer on this page contain the phrase "The Café" ?

A: The Café believes this to be the case. ...

Q: How do I find out what's going on or what events are coming up at The Café ?

A: The Café posts events on its calendar page, where you can also join our email list.

Q: How can I let The Café owners know about something I think could be done better ?

A: The Café graciously welcomes anonymous complaints, criticisms, & suggestions.

Q: How do I contact the super-cool guy who built The Café website ?

A: The Café webmaster page has contact info & a tech blog.

Q: How do I get a picture, video, or audio clip of me removed from the site ?

A: The Café webmaster will gladly accomodate removal requests.

Q: Other than being a loyal customer, what can I do to support The Café ?

A: The Café has a support page where you can hook us up with some good karma.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on upcoming shows & events at The Café ?

A: Join The Café email list and friend us on Facebook, you silly goose!