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September 28, 2013

One Year Anniversary Party featuring Selador, Tyler Flanagan, & Thieves in Exile.

ABOVE: Selador kicked things off loud and rocked hard throughout their set. Stylishly clad lead singer Kameron Hunt delivered a show that didn't just sound great, but was also very watchable. Clint Proveaux and Devon Reid handled the guitar work, while Brett Houston handled percussion duties handsomely.

ABOVE: Local artist extraordinaire and Pastel Snail front man Tyler Flanagan wowed us all once again with a solo acoustic set. With simple lighting and staging, Tyler created a wonderful mood that really made the performance memorable.

ABOVE: Thieves In Exile turned out a gritty, down and dirty rock show with a level of pinache that shows just how well Joel, Rob, & Tyler work together as a band. The audio-responsive light show worked great to showcase Joel's wicked chops.

ABOVE: The excerpt above shows a great Thieves In Exile performance in every way, and the light effects seemed right on time. Joel, you can download this video excerpt from here, and there's an mp3 of it here.