MSc Artist: David Bates
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David Bates

Please contact me by email at or call 386-752-9369 ext. 63

david bates


" urrently I work mostly with graphite, although I will soon be doing some work with charcoal and pastels. I can't claim to be completely self-tought; I receive input and advice from an older brother who lives in L.A. In the eighties he perfected a technique with pastels that at first glance looked photographic. I am striving to work towards that goal. The celebrity pictures you see here were done in an attempt to show accuracy. I will gladly draw anyone as long as the source material is appropriate. If necessary I can do photography work myself at my studio. If you would like to see original work there are a number of portraits on display at MSc, and soon there will be some at the Mane Tease hair salon located at 1219 SW Main Blvd, in Lake City.."

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