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Pictures, videos, links, and other materials from shows and events.

2010-06-20 Dearly Departed - The Marion Street Café put on a production of the David Dean Bottrell and Jessie Jones play Dearly Departed, which ran from Friday, June 18 2010 to Sunday, June 20, 2010. It starred Garrett Roberts as Ray-Bud Turpin and Josh Magallenes as Junior Turpin.
2010-03-09 Wine Tasting - Neil Roberts of PRP Wine put on a classy & informative wine tasting event, for which MSc provided grapes, cheeses, breads, & crackers. Everyone was treated to a generous sampling of several wines from Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, and other countries around the world.
2010 Front Room Remodel Project - Wow. Just wow. We all pitched in and made something great! If EXIF data are to be trusted, we started this project around February of 2010. It would be great to list the names of everyone who helped, but there were so many. If you helped in ANY way, please contact us with your name and your contribution and we may just add you here!
2007 Frankenfest - Pretty sure these pics were from 2007 Frankenfest, but could be a different year. If anyone knows exactly what year this is, please let us know so we can change it.
2006 Dummo - Anthony Gaouette took these photos and was kind enough to share them so we could include them on the website. Thanks, Anthony!
2006 Ashton Allen - Thanks to Anthony Gaouette for these pictures!
2006 The Rewinds - Thanks to Anthony Gaouette for these pictures!
Virtual Gallery - This opens an Adobe Shockwave Virtual Gallery in a separate window. It's not a tour of the MSc building, but rather a sort of fantasy world in which many pictures of the Marion Street are displayed on the walls. Kind of a cool distraction if you're bored!

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